Story, Purpose, and Philosophy

Why do we do this?

Like most Americans, I am a product immigrant ancestors.  America is the land of promise and opportunity for those willing to work hard, work honest, and hold themselves to high standards.

In America families can be safe and thrive.  In America we believe in entrepreneurship.  In America we create value and dreams where none existed.  In America immigrants who hold these beliefs and values can thrive.  If this is you, and you desire to continue the American Tradition of greatness, then my law firm is interested in helping you legally immigrate.

As a child I was taught great principles and values such as hard work, honesty, tenacity and making a difference.  When I was told "no you can't", I was determined that I would.  I firmly believe the impossible only takes a little more time.

As a child I was taught people matter, people hold value, and people can succeed.  I have carried this philosophy into my practice.  This is the way I treat my attorneys, paralegals, and assistants.  In turn, this is how they treat our clients.

In September, 2013 I created Jason Finch & Associates, P.C. LLO.  While the firm is new, Jason and his team have over 30 years of combined total experience representing client’s immigration related issues.  I "handpicked" my team because they all possess the qualities of people with whom I want to work and the passion for cases our clients present.

My team is made up of attorneys, paralegals, and support specialists. Some of my team are American immigrants, others are first generation Americans.  Everyone on my team possess the deepest passion, respect and admiration for those who desire to continue creating the American Dream.

My team and I are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients.  We strive to provide excellent and honest case evaluation, strategy, and competent representation.  We pride ourselves in thinking "outside" the box in an effort to find a legal solution to our client’s immigration case.  However, we will not take your case unless we believe we can make a difference.

We represent immigrant clients in all aspects of their immigration or immigration related issues.  This means we take an interest in our client’s immigration process for family members, business associates, employees, or investors.  We take an interest in clients facing criminal charges either through direct representation or direct consultation with your criminal defense attorney.  We take an interest where clients are facing family issues which may affect their immigration status or where a family desires to adopt a child born outside the United States who needs to immigrate.