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Stephanie Flores



Stephanie Flores is Finance Secretary here at Jason Finch & Associates.  She is responsible for crediting client accounts, providing account information, collecting on past due amounts, paying invoices related to cases, and assisting in the refund process. She will also assist the front desk in answering calls and client questions regarding their cases, case statuses, general immigration questions, relaying messages between client and legal staff and attorneys, and making appointments for client and consultation.


Flores attended Iowa Western Community College and she is working towards her Para-Accounting Associates degree.  She is passionate about educating people regarding their finances and how it affects their current situation and how they can work for financial freedom.  She has trained at HR Block, the EITC Coalition (a 501(c)(3) that assists individuals by preparing their taxes on a volunteer basis and providing them with community resources that may assist them in their current state of affairs), and work experience through IT Tax and Business Solutions with Irene Tryon (an independent tax/small business bookkeeping service). 


Flores is also a founding member of the former Coalition of Minority Pants to assist parents in advocating for their children’s education from Pre-K – 12 grades. She has also participated in Parental Advisement Councils with the OPS former superintendent, African American Achievement Council, Hispanic Achievement Council, North Omaha-South Omaha, promoting voter registration, volunteering for Nebraska Matters Watchdog group, and volunteer at Open Door Mission.


Flores is the mother of five wonderful children from two marriages.  Their fathers are immigrants.  She had my her life change forever when the father of my younger four children was taken by ICE officials because his BIA appeal was denied and was deported. She is passionate about serving our clients and community in keeping families united or reuniting them through the available means of immigration policy.  She looks forward to being of service to you in the future.